11 Best Baby Soap For Fairness in Nigeria With Prices

There are several ways in which you can make your baby lighter even before they’re born. You can go the natural way where you eat fruit like papaya or guava as well as several other fruits that are known to have bleaching properties. Another way is to ensure you use soap on your belly, specifically a soap meant for babies.

If at the end of all these you now gave birth to your beautiful baby and he or she is still not fair as you wanted, then there is still an alternative. Here in this article, I’ll be giving you the list of the best baby soap for fairness.

Best baby soap in Nigeria

In brief: The list of the best baby soap for fairness in Nigeria are; Dove baby Soap, Daffy Baby Soap, Pears baby Soap, Cussons Baby Soap, Safeguard Babby Soap, Johnson baby Soap, Agnesia Baby Soap, Sebamed Baby Soap, Aveeno Baby Daily Gentle Wash and Boots Baby Soap. This is our list of the top 11 best baby soaps for fair skins in Nigeria.

To know more on the top list of baby soap for light skin, continue reading this post to discover more on the topic.

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It requires you to know the right type of bathing soap that suits their skin as different babies have different body skin. Some babies are dark in completion while some babies are very fair in completion. For the light skin babies, you might not need to apply any type of lightning soap on them. But for the dark skin babies and for parents who want their baby’s bodies to become fair, then you might need to apply a good fairness soap for them.

In this post, you will discover the best types of baby soap for fairness in Nigeria. Continue reading to learn more about why we choose these soap brands for your baby’s skin.

Before then there are some very important factors you have to put in place before you decide on the type of soap and cream you want to apply to your baby. These factors include:

  • The fragrance Factor: The fragrance of any soap simply determines the kind of smell it will have. You must choose a soap with a very good fragrance. Even though not all soap with unpleasant fragrances is bad for the body, at the same time, you would want to always have your baby smelling great at all times. This is why you have to be very conscious of the type of fragrance.
  • The skin condition Factor: This is very important. Some babies are naturally dark, some are light, while some are chocolate. Depending on the skin color, this is what should dictate your baby’s bathing soap choice. Alongside this, you also need to know if you are choosing the soap so as to cure skin irritation, rashes, or any other skin problem. More so, some children have very soft skin while some naturally are thick-skinned. So you need to put this in mind before you decide on which baby bathing soap you will buy.
  • The active ingredients Factor: Finally, whatever ingredient is present in the soap is what determines the effect of the soap on the baby’s body. You need to take this part very important because it will be of great effect on the baby’s skin formation.

These are what I have actually discussed in my previous post on the best baby cream for fairness in Nigeria.

Now To the main list:

11 Best Baby Soap for Fairness in Nigeria With Prices

1. Dove baby Soap

dove baby soap- best baby soap for fairness

Dove is one of the leading baby soap brands in Nigeria. It is enriched with the goodness of milk, cream, and vitamins which help in nourishing your baby’s skin and keeping it soft and smooth. This product helps in making your child’s skin look radiant and healthy

Having a fair complexion makes you stand out in the crowd, And the New Dove Baby Soap is best for your baby’s fairness because of its gentle cleansers and mildness. It is also enriched with Moisturizing cream to help avoid dryness, so it won’t leave your baby’s skin feeling dry. It cleanses gently while nourishing and keeping your baby’s skin soft, smooth, and healthy.

Check out Dove Baby Cream too.

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2. Daffy Baby Soap

Daffy Baby Soap-best bast soap in Nigeria

Daffy baby Soap is a 100% natural product for treating your baby – it’s gentle and moisturizing for the baby’s skin. This best-selling soap has helped thousands of babies achieve fairer and healthier skin naturally.

It is made from top-quality ingredients and has shown unsurpassed experience in dealing with hyperpigmentation of the skin in newborns. With continued use, the results are obvious after a month of use.

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3. Pears baby Soap

Pears baby Soap-Baby soap in Nigeria

Pears baby soap is a very mild soap, with a unique formula, specially developed for babies’ tender skin. Its special ingredients with pure glycerine help retain the natural moisture of your baby’s skin to give it long-lasting softness & freshness. Now, Nigerian mothers can help their little ones step out of the world looking fair and bright

It is also one o the most popular soap brand in the country. Pears do not only produce one of the best soaps, they also produce one of the best types of baby cream, lotion, in fact, anything baby. YOu really need to give this soap a trial for your baby.

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4. Cussons Baby Soap

Cussons Baby Soap-Baby soap in Nigeria

Want a fair baby? Give him/her a bath with Cussons Baby Bath. Gently cleanses and moisturizes, even the fairest skin recipe. Now with added Pro vitamins B5 and Elemon extracts, known to soothe the skin – Allergy tested and proven gentle on skin.

it contains natural ingredients like milk that moisturizes and softens the skin. Cussons baby soap has been clinically proven to be gentle and mild on the baby’s skin. Its unique formulation provides optimum nourishment and protection with every wash.

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5. Safeguard Baby Soap

Safeguard Baby Soap-Best Baby Soap in Nigeria

It is one one the very popular brand in the Nigerian market. This makes it very easy to access even at the local store closest to you. Safeguard also make soap for not just babies but adults. Not just for Nigerians but also for international countries. It has built up so many reputations over the years which makes it meet up with the competition of the Nigerian market. When it comes to making baby products, then safeguard is on top of it.

Safeguard soap is a whole lot more than just something that cleans your skin. It is the best baby soap for fairness in Nigeria, formulated with Pro-Vitamins and skin conditioners to deliver a rich lather that nourishes deep and leaves your entire family’s skin clean, protected, and beautifully soft.

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6. Johnson Baby Soap

Johnson Baby Soap-Best Baby Soap For Fairness

Johnson’s baby soap is the best baby soap that ensures complete and thorough cleansing of your baby’s skin. This superior cleanser effectively removes dirt and impurities, helping you give your baby fair, healthy-looking skin.

Johnson bar soap is a mild baby soap that can be applied to the face as well as the whole body. It is also very easy to hold on to while using. Unlike some other kind of soap that gets too slippery while using or when it touches water.

Check out Johnson Baby Cream too.

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7. Agnesia Baby Soap

Agnesia Baby Soap-Baby Soap For Fairness

Agnesia Baby Soap is super gentle and mild. It’s been specially formulated to be mild enough for your baby’s delicate skin, yet strong enough to cleanse thoroughly. The soap is well known for its fairness qualities

Agnesia Baby Soap is perfect for your growing baby from 3 months old, to help leave their skin soft and smooth. Its unique fragrance is gentle enough for daily use. The popular brand is also top-notch in making baby cream, dusting powder, and some other baby products.

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8. Sebamed Baby Soap

Sebamed Baby Soap-Baby soap in Nigeria

Here is why it should be your choice of baby soap for that desired fairness. Sebamed is a gentle pH 5.5 soap designed for your baby’s sensitive skin. The rich, creamy lather of this mild and gentle cleansing bar soap provides extra moisturizing care for dry, little hands and feet.

Sebamed Baby Soap is specially formulated to cleanse, moisturize and protect delicate skin from the drying effects of water. Sebamed Baby Massage Oil has been dermatologically tested to ensure skin compatibility and prevent irritation.

Check Out Sebamed Baby Cream too

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9. Aveeno Baby Daily Gentle Wash

Aveeno Baby Daily Gentle Wash-Baby soap in Nigeria

The Aveeno Baby Daily Gentle Wash has the natural ingredient of colloidal oatmeal combined with a special formula that allows it to gently cleanse a baby’s skin without drying it out. The natural properties of colloidal oatmeal have been combined with effective ingredients that cleanse, soothe and moisturize your baby’s delicate skin.

It is a popular skincare brand in Nigeria. Their soap is one of the best soaps for babies, more so, they also make cream and lotion that you can combine with the soap to complement the fairness.

Check out Aveeno Baby Cream too

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10. Boots Baby Soap

Boots Baby Soap-Best baby soap for fairness

boots baby soap is specially formulated for young, delicate skin. It gently cleans without drying and helps protect from dryness with moisturizing ingredients. Locks in moisture to help keep skin feeling soft and smooth.

Boots is also a producer of one of the best baby creams for fairness in Nigeria (Boots baby Cream). The boots baby soap is dermatologically tested and perfect for the baby’s skin.

Check out Boots Baby Cream too

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11. Avila Baby Soap

Avila Baby Soap-Herbal soap in Nigeria for baby

This is the best baby soap for fair skin, it has been in existence for over 15 years and it is used by many families to get fairer babies. It contains natural ingredients like tomatoes, carrots, cassava leaves, cucumber which makes it safe for babies.

Avila baby herbal soap is the best choice for your child’s skin. The soap makes your child’s skin look brighter, fairer, and smoother in minutes. It also improves your child’s complexion and revitalizes his or her skin.

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In a more detailed format, here is the list of the best baby soap for fairness in Nigeria, their prices, as well as the best places to buy them.

Name/Brands Of Baby Soap in Nigeria, Prices and Where to Buy them.

Best Baby Soap , Price and Where to buy in Nigeria

S/NBaby Soap and BrandsPrices (Naira)Where to Buy
1 Dove baby Soap2,500 - 3,000Jumia, Konga, Amazon
2Daffy Baby Soap400 - 5,000Jumia, Konga
3Pears baby Soap11,000 - 15,000Jumia, Konga, Amazon
4Cussons Baby Soap3,000 - 10,000Jumia, Konga, Amazon
5Safeguard Baby Soap800 - 4,000Jumia, Konga
6Johnson Baby Soap3,000 - 5,000Jumia, Konga, Amazon
7Agnesia Baby Soap3,500 - 5,000Jumia, Konga
8Sebamed Baby Soap6,000 - 12,000Jumia, Konga
9Aveeno Baby Daily Gentle Wash7,000 - 10,000Jumia, Konga
10Boots Baby Soap
3,000 - 5,000Jumia, Konga
Table Showing the top 11 Best Baby Soap brands in Nigeria, their prices, and best places to buy them

Take home

Do you know so many parents do not know how to apply soap to their baby’s body? Most parents go about doing this the wrong way. However, to bath your baby rightly:

  • Apply to wet skin and rub gently in a circular motion until lather.
  • Rinse well using mild soap,
  • Warm water and a soft cloth.
  • If eye contact occurs, flush immediately with clean water.
  • Use only quality detergents made especially for babies and keep soap out of eyes and ears.

That’s right, we’re going to apply soap on our baby man! Go ahead and take notes while the video below teach you how to apply soap to your baby!

Read The article Instead or Watch the video below


So, what kind of soap should you use on your little one? Fortunately, there are lots of different kinds, so you have plenty to choose from. Consider what’s most important for you when selecting bathing soap for your child. We have talked about the top three factors you need to consider above. Then read the packaging or check online to make sure you’re getting the best baby soap for fairness in Nigeria. Now, get that baby clean with a safe and effective product.