Best Baby Soaps and Prices in Nigeria

Price of baby things

A baby’s soap should be gentle, moisturizing, and devoid of harmful chemicals. In some cases, warm water is enough to clean a baby.

Many baby soaps are prepared with dangerous chemicals that are harmful to sensitive skin like that of babies. Substances like ethyl alcohol, Propylparaben, and Cocamidopropyl are harmful when used continuously.

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Guidelines to help you make the right choice

Since there are many baby soaps in the Nigerian market, making a choice between them would be tough especially if it is your first time.

To make sure you don’t get confused while caring for your little one, here are some guidelines to keep you on the right track and make the best choice.

Pick products made with natural ingredients

Try to be as natural as possible by using organic and toxin-free products.

Pay attention to labels

Checking the labels will save you the risk of buying the wrong thing. Luckily, it doesn’t take time to read the label thoroughly before making a purchase.

Go for products with good reviews

One of the smartest ways to shop for baby soaps is to read reviews from other people who have used the product. The reviews will be a guide to know the pros and cons of using the product.

Things to consider when choosing the best soap for your baby

A baby’s skin is extra sensitive so care should be taken while choosing the soap to use to avoid damaging the baby’s skin. This can be quite difficult since there are varieties of soaps in the market.

It is advisable to choose products made with natural ingredients. Some factors to consider when selecting baby soaps are

Condition of baby’s skin

The goal is to ensure that the baby’s skin is healthy and most babies do not have special skin conditions. However, in cases where there are conditions like acne, eczema, the skin should be handled differently and try to use natural ingredients.

PH of the soap

When shopping for baby soap, the soap should be neither basic nor acidic.

It is recommended to use soaps that are neutral in pH to get the best results.

Dye-free soaps

Some baby soaps contain harmful dyes that add color to the soap. Dyes can cause skin irritations for the baby.

The next time you’re shopping for baby soap, ensure it doesn’t contain artificial dyes.

SLS Free

Sodium lauryl sulfate is the chemical substance that makes soap foam. Some babies have skin irritations after using soaps that contain SLS.

Best baby soaps in Nigeria

below is the list of top baby soaps in the Nigerian Market you should try out for your baby today.

  • Cussons Baby Mild and Gentle soap
  • Pears baby soap
  • Daffy baby soap
  • Safeguard Baby soap
  • Dove baby soap

These are some of the best baby soaps available in the Nigerian market. You can get them at local shops, supermarkets, malls or big markets. Most of them are also available for purchase on online shopping platforms like Jumia.

Babies are known for having near-perfect skin. This is not entirely true because a baby’s skin cannot be perfect after all. There are blemishes common to babies too in their early years.

Perfect baby skin can be achieved by proper care, adequate sleep, and good nutrition.

Tips for caring for your baby’s skin

Here are some tips to ensure your baby’s skin remains smooth, beautiful and healthy.

  1. Limit baby’s time under the sun.

Try to keep your baby out of the sun as much as possible. Avoid using sunscreens for babies younger than 6 months old.

If you are going to be out in the sun, it is recommended that you wear loose-fitting, delicate clothing that covers the arms and legs. Also wear the baby a hat that will cover the head, neck, and ears.

  1. Avoid irritants and allergens

These are substances that can cause an allergic reaction when they come in contact with the baby’s skin. It can result to red, swollen, and dry skin.

  1. Prevent heat rash

Heat rash appears when a baby has been exposed to a lot of heat. It is very easy to detect because it appears as red spots on the skin.

  1. Pay attention to the nails

Baby’s nails grow rapidly, so it is essential to trim their nails every week or less.

This prevents them from scratching their face or body.

  1. Proper bathing

Give the baby regular baths with soft clothes and lukewarm water. But note that excessive bathing can be dangerous to the baby’s health.

Where to Buy the best baby soap for your baby in Nigeria

Jumia Market offers you an assortment of baby soaps from various brands so you can get the best for your baby. You can shop for Dove and Johnson’s baby soaps which are known worldwide for their amazing results in keeping babies and young children clean. These soaps are unscented, mild, gentle, and have moisturizers to protect your baby’s soft skin from dryness. At Jumia Market you can purchase any of these soap brands at very affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions on the best baby soap in Nigeria.

  • Can I make baby soap at home?

Yes, you can. But you have to be careful in selecting the ingredients, make sure they are all-natural. And take note of the baby’s skin type so you don’t harm the baby’s skin.

  • The average price of baby soaps in Nigeria.

The price of baby soaps varies according to the brand. There are affordable options available and more pricy ones according to your choice and needs.

  • Online vs local shops

Both options are good. Sites like Jumia make it easier to shop baby products at good prices. So if you want convenience, you can shop online.