10 Lists Of The Best Foods for Babies and Infants

Best baby food in Nigeria

List Of The Names Of The 10 Best Baby Food In Nigeria – Nigeria is such a great place blest with so many rich local foods menu. We have so many dishes and varieties of delicacies that are just too irresistible sometimes. Despite all these availabilities of rich foods, Nigeria still suffer a very high rate of malnutrition with 36.8% of children under 5 years of age affected, which is higher than the average for the African region of 29.1%

Nigeria has without doubt also has a poor record in terms of the percentage of obese children with about 13.1% of adults over 18  women and 4.6% of adult men living with obesity.

It has been observed that most parents find it so difficult to choose the right food for their babies. This is part of the reason for the eventual retarded growth of most Nigerian children.  They go from pillar to pole in search of the right choice of food they will give them that will be just fine for them. Yet all they need is just at their each without them realizing it.

Baby food in Nigeria
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My Boy Baby Cereal, Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Mealad, Happy Baby Oatmeal, Nabisco Cream of Rice, Nestle Nestum Infant Cereals, Gerber Baby Cereals are without one of the best sets of baby food available in Nigeria.

To learn more about the best food in Nigeria, continue reading below to discover additional information about this topic.

Take into consideration that we will only talk about the names of cereals you can give to your babies on this page. Other pages will as well talk about another list of food you can give to your baby to keep the growth in goodness and stature.

Why are we going to talk about only cereal on this Page? I have noticed that most mothers are always indecisive on the kind of Cereal they should give to their babies. Well, a Nutritionist has recommended that the best type of cereals is the homemade additive – Free meals that are prepared from scratch or locally made by the parent. An example of this is Pap.

The Advent of modern life and civilization has however made it possible to get find other alternatives to food like Pap since not all parent knows how to make it or pass through the stress of making it. Some of the best 10 kinds of cereal choices you should consider are what we will mention below.

Also, shopping for baby cereals could offer one a wide range of choices, one tends to get confused as to which and which might be best for the baby except if you have been given a recommendation by your nutritionist and you have the name written in your hand or you have it stalk to your head.

In addition to this, you might as well spend a hell of precious time trying to check through the labels for the product name, age, function, nutritional benefits, Ingredients,  and so on. Even though this is stressful sometimes and it is a thing of joy to do this for our little jewel. They can still be avoided only if you just know the exact names of the exact type you should give to them.

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List Of The Names Of The 10 Best Baby Food In Nigeria

best baby food in Nigeria

Once again this post will cover the top names of the 10 best baby food in Nigeria as far as 2022 is concerned. Please note that prices were not part of the prerequisites for choosing this list. They were chosen based on their level of nutritional benefits for the kids. Also, they aren’t arranged in any other (ascending or descending). We have listed them randomly.

1. My Boy Baby Cereal

My boy cereal with surely one of Nigeria and they are available in different sizes. This cereal is meant for children within the age range of 0-12 months. My Boy Baby Cereal 400g is rich in calcium as well as Vitamin D which helps the baby to absorb the Calcium present in the meal.

The mode of preparing this meal is as simple as ABC. it is very easy to prepare and very fast too. It will you an average time of 7 minutes to get this food on the table. It is well packed with a sweet enriching aroma that will of no doubt make your baby keep coming for more.

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2. Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Mealad

Whole grain oatmeal offers various nutritional functionalities to your baby. It is a great source of nutrients like iron. Iron is good for agility and strength for the baby as well as other forms of nutrients.

In addition to this, It is made from organic sources, which were not exposed to any form of potentially harmful pesticides and the condition is free of Gluten, salt as well as refined sugar.

The good side of this cereal is that it contains no artificial coloring, flavor, or any form of preservatives.

Hence it is almost similar to 100% naturally organic, nothing more, nothing less, no addition, no subtraction.

Also, the manufacturer notices that most Cereals out there don’t digest easily in the babies but Earth’s best organic cereal is an exception, it is made for the baby to easily digest in a short space of time and it is well fortified with Iron.

The price for this product ranges from around N2700 to N3000 for 277g. Although the location might be a factor to determine the price variation.

You can visit here to know more or purchase the product

3. Happy Baby Oatmeal.

Brain development is very crucial for young babies. Hence they need food that will make them grow well.

A food like Happy baby Oatmeal is one of a kind that will make the baby develop very rapidly. It comprises organic supplements like Organic Oats, Organic Grains, Vitamin C as well as Iron, all of these are what will help the baby grow and developmentally.

Additionally, The Happy baby Oatmeal is free from gluten and hence you have no reason to worry about any reaction or gluten allergies from your baby. Visit here to know more on how to know if a baby has gluten

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4. Gerber Baby Cereals

The Gerber baby cereal is food filled with lots of nutritional benefits. A few of the added nutrients are Iron, essential nutrients like Vitamin B1/ B2, B3, B12, Calcium, Zinc as well as probiotics.

The inclusion of Zinc and calcium in Gerber baby cereal helps to support the baby’s growth, physical development, and mental development.

There is also no artificial flavors, preservative, or salt added to the product, hence it is safe for the baby to consume it with no fear of having a negative effect.

The price of this baby food might vary from place to place or location to location due to some factors. But the general or average cost of purchasing this should be around the range of N2,500 to N3000.

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5. Nabisco Cream of Rice.

As the name implies, sounds like a product obtained from rice. The Nabisco Cream of rice is an amazing food choice for your baby.

It can as well be eaten by all the members of the family and not just children alone.

It is well packed with about 4 helping vitamins and minerals necessary for the development of the body. Some of them include Iron, the food that provides your body with about 70% of the total amount of iron your body needs.

All you need to get the food done is your water and when it is well prepared, the cream of rice is naturally fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, sodium-free, dairy-free as well as any form of preservatives.

Additionally, there is no salt nor sugar added to the ingredients and this makes it very safe for you and your baby, or rather your whole family to make as a special meal.

Want to see the ingredients used to make this food? Ok, here they are;

  • Granulated Rice,
  • Ferric Orthophosphate,
  • Niacinamide,
  • Thiamine Mononitrate,
  • Riboflavin.

6. Nestle Nestum Infant Cereals

The Nestle Nestum Infant Cereal is one of the best Baby food you can ever think of. Nestle itself is a brand that has many other food products under it.

The has been given so many reviews and recommendations from all over the world. Nestum is a wholesome, cereal for both the infant (the growing up) as well as the grown-ups (adults)

Whether you are still breastfeeding your baby or your baby is under a hypoallergenic formula or even lactose intolerant, the Nestle Nestum Infant Cereal is the perfect choice for you, as any baby milk can be added to this cereal

It can be prepared alongside water, milk, soy milk, or even juice. You can as well add some other things like mashed fruit.

The meal is also well fortified with vitamins, calcium, folic acid, zinc and so many other required nutrients necessary for the development of the baby.

It also contains wheat as well as rice which are good sources of protein.

The food has little or no sugar and it provides the maximum amount of the proteins and vitamins needed by the body for maximum efficiency.

Although the price range of this product is fixed by the local producer, the price may vary due to location and transportation from one place to another. You should get the product within the range of about N3500 to N4000 in any local store or outlets close to you.

7. Nestle Cerelac

The is another good baby food product name from Nestle. The Nestle Cerelac has a wide range of nutritional benefits and it is easy to digest for whoever eats it.

The cereals have several variations and flavors depending on the one your baby would prefer.

Some of the other available ones apart from the ones we have mentioned above in the article are; Wheat & Milk, Maize & Milk, Mixed Fruits, 3 Cereal Mix, and many others.

It is very safe for your baby who has reached the age of 6 months and above. It can be eaten as breakfast milk, lunch, or even dinner. But most advice, any cereals should be given to babies s breakfast meals.

Standard consumption of the 4oog pack of this product provides your baby(ies) with all the essential nutrients like Zinc, Sugar, Potassium, Calcium, and many others.

The Nestle Cerelac does not have gluten.

The price range of Nestle Cerelac ranges from place to place even though it has a fixed price from the manufacturer. You should be able to get 44g of the product around the range of N1600 in any local store or outlet.

Please note that this isn’t the best supplement for breastmilk and that is why I recommend that you should only give it to your baby if she has reached the age of 6 months and above for the maximum benefit of this amazing meal.

8. Nan Baby Food

This is a great meal from the world’s most recognized baby food producer (Nestle) that makes gives you all you need when it comes to balanced baby nutrition.

It is an infant or baby formula with lots of nutrients packed into it. Standard Nan Baby Food contains Skimmed milk, vegetable oil, coconut oil, fish oil, sunflower oil and so many other nutrients your baby might need for proper development.

Additionally, It contains basic vitamins and minerals fortified with DHA and Fortifies the bone and mental health of the baby or rather, the consumer.
The price range for this product also varies although it may be slightly expensive or even similar to all the other ones we have earlier mentioned in this article.

You can get the 400g pack of this product within the price range of N2,800 to N3,500 while the whole pack will be around the price range of N34,000 to N35,000

9. Nestle Nutrend Infant Cereal, Maize, and Soya

As the name implies, this is another great meal option produced by Nestle. and it has both Maize and Soya as its major ingredient.

The maize-based infant cereal powder mixed with soya contains lots of required nutrients necessary for your baby’s growth and development.

The good part of the Nestle Nutrend Infant Cereal, Maize, and Soya is that it easily diggest on consumption for the baby and provides the baby with good strength and immunity, and hence, you don’t have to worry about constipation for your baby.

10. Friso Gold Rice-Based and Wheat-Based Milk Cereals

The Frisco Gold-based and wheat-based milk cereals are a great choice of meal for your baby. The great cereal offers the baby a whole lot of added nutrients and it is meant for children between the age range of 6-12 months.

This is to ascertain that you, must have finished doing your exclusive breastfeeding which must have lasted for 6 months before you think of feeding your baby with any of these products.

The standard 300g of the Frisco Gold-based and wheat-based milk cereal provides your baby with Calcium (which helps them to build strong bones and healthy teeth, Iron ( this is also a very integral component needed in the red blood cells), Iodine (This contribute to the normal cognitive function).

This cereal also contains skimmed milk, rice flour, sucrose, lactose, Vegetable oil, Vitaines like; “Vitamin A”, B1, C, D3, E as well as Folic acid.

This also comes in a very smooth texture which will make it very easy for your baby to consume it.

The price range varies also from place to place but is fixed for the manufacturers Hence, you should be able to get the 300g pack of this product around the price range of N2500 while the whole pack of 300g cartoon might cost nothing less than N21,000.

The good part of this is that this type of cereal is readily available in most stores and outlets close to you.

A message from some of the manufacturers of the above products you need to see.

According to them, they said breastfeeding is undoubtedly the best nutrition you can give to your baby for healthy growth and development. This helps them to sustain and provide their body with an adequate supply of the milk required of their body.

Hence, the unnecessary introduction of bottle-feeding either partially or in full or even other complementary food might have a negative result on the breast milk you are giving them which most time is irreversible.

It is however very important that you consult your doctor or nutritionist and draw out your social and financial ability before you decide to use any of the provided breast milk substitutes if you have difficulty with breastfeeding.

You are also enjoyed following the usage and right preparation method for any of the meals you want to choose. You should also ensure to store them in the right place (often in a cool and dry place).

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions on the List Of The Names Of The 5 Best Baby Food In Nigeria

What Is The Best Food for a 1-year-old baby in Nigeria?

The “Friso Gold Rice-Based and Wheat-Based Milk Cereals” are rich in skimmed milk, rice flour, sucrose, lactose, Vegetable oil, Vitamins like; “Vitamin A”, B1, C, D3, E as well as Folic acid as well as a very good texture. It’s easy to swallow for a year-old baby. This presents a whole lot of advantages over other baby foods in Nigeria.

What is The Best food for a 6-month-old baby in Nigeria?

Babies at the age of 6 can be introduced to some tiny bits of solid foods. Foods like Semo, Fufu, Eba, Pounded Yam, Amala, Eko, Ewedu & Gbegiri are very rich food that babies above or at age 6 can eat comfortably since you aren’t feeding them with big morsels.

What is the Best baby food for newborns in Nigeria?

“The breast milk”. Everyone knows this. But in the absence of breast milk, “The Nigerian Pap” is the best alternative meal for a newborn baby. It is a good energy source, easy to digest for babies, 100% Natural, has “Tryptophan” which helps babies sleep well, and diverse rather health benefits for babies which can be found here

How to make baby food in Nigeria

Nigeria pap or Akamu is one of the easiest baby food to make in Nigeria. All you need is to get your ingredients ready and making it at home by yourself is as easy as ABC. Follow my step by step guide on how to make the Nigerian pap here

How much is baby food in Nigeria?

This is a factor that most mom needs to consider before buying any formula for their babies. However, the price of baby food in Nigeria varies with size and brand. But averagely, a single size of 400g of Baby food in Nigeria cost about N2000 – N7000


Of no doubt, good food is very important – Etermemly important. But to make this food serve the right purpose in our babies, it is very much expected of us to help them cultivate the right eating habit.

As we have said in the article, the names we mentioned here are based on the names of the best baby food in Nigeria (Cereals). We have other lists of the great names of Nigerian food for you. All you have to do is…

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