20+ Lists Of Best Baby Milk Powder In Nigeria (Brands & Price)

Best milk for the baby

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Baby Formula

We can all agree that the best food you can offer your baby is breast milk which is the optimal milk for your newborn. However, there are times you don’t have the opportunity to breastfeed your child.

Fortunately, there is another type of milk that still serves a similar purpose to breast milk. However, this type of milk is made explicitly for infants from birth to twelve months of age, and your child should not be given any other sort of milk.

The majority of these formulas contain vitamin D, an essential ingredient not found in breastmilk, which is why it is recommended to begin feeding formula and iron-rich foods such as cereals and chosen vegetables at six months.

Best Baby Milk Powder Brands in Nigeria (Brand & Price)

Names Price (₦)
Similac Baby Formula: Total Comfort Infant Formula 7,000
Nestle NAN Growing-Up 3200
Nestle Lactogen 1 0-6 Months 400 g 1,850
Nan 1 Optipro Starter Infant Formula From Birth 400 g 3200
Nestle NAN 1 Infant Formula – 0-6 Months 2800
Nestle Nan Optipro 2, Follow-On Formula Powder From 6 Months 3300
SMA PRO 7,000
SMA First Infant Milk 0-6 Months 800 g 8000
SMA Follow On Milk 6-12 Months 800 g 8000
Kendamil First Infant Milk 7500
Kendamil Follow on Milk 7500
Enfamil Neuro Pro Infant Formula 0-12 Months 587 G  20000
Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula 22,000
Peak Baby Step 1 Infant Formula 0-12 Months Tin 400 g 3000
Aptamil Growing Up Milk; Stage 3; 1-2 Years 9000

1. Similac Baby Formula: Total Comfort Infant Formula

Similac Baby Formula

Similac is another well-known brand of Nigeria’s best baby milk powder. This is a milk-based formula that contains Iron and meets all of the nutritional requirements for newborns. They are free of synthetic growth hormones and are fortified with HA, Lutein, and Vitamin E. Similac creates delicate solutions that boost children’s immune systems.

Total Comfort Infant Formula is a protein-based food that has been partially hydrolyzed with Iron. It is a nutritionally balanced infant formula that includes 19 calories per fluid ounce and contains partially hydrolyzed whey protein as an alternative to typical milk-based formulations with intact protein. Minor tolerance symptoms such as fussiness and flatulence are caused by lactose sensitivity.

Similac Baby Formula

DHA for brain and eye development, lutein for eye health, and Vitamin E, a vital ingredient in breast milk to help developing cells, are all included in Similac.

For easy digestion, this exclusive milk formula contains partially hydrolyzed protein combined with a unique blend of two carbs to aid absorption and reduce the risk of malabsorption. It also has calcium for strong bones, nucleotides to strengthen the immune system, and prebiotics to aid digestion.

2. Nestle NAN Growing-U

Milk formula for babies

NAN Growin-Up (400g) elevates every meal to a banquet! It is available in powder form and contains Iron, making it suitable for usage from your baby’s early days of life.

Formular milk for babies

It contains all of your baby’s essential vitamins and minerals. In addition, the vibrant 400g tin features a simple plastic lid that securely seals, keeping germs from entering.

3. Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula 

emfamil milk for baby

Enfamil infant formula is one of the most frequently recommended infant milk by pediatricians; hence, it’s on our best baby milk powder list.

The company offers a variety of infant formulas for children of various ages and stages of development. It is a well-known brand for nourishment that supports the brain and the immune system.

Best baby milk

This baby formula contains two breast milk components: milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) and lactoferrin. They promote brain development, digestive health, and the immunological system of your infant!  This means that giving Enspire to your kid is nearly the same as breastfeeding. As a result, Enspire might be called the most fabulous infant formula available!


best milk for babies

If you’re looking for the best baby milk powder for your child when he/she refuse to take breast milk, SMA PRO First Infant Milk is one of the best replacement available.

Of course, breastfeeding is the greatest way to give your baby the best start in life, but if you must mix feeds or bottle-feed, choose SMA PRO First Infant Milk, which is filled with Omega 3 and 6 LCPs well as GOS/FOS.

5. Kendamil First Infant Milk 

Kendamil Milk

Whole milk’s deliciousness and nutritional richness, carefully formulated for happy, healthy newborns. Kendamil is a premium formula that keeps all of whole milk’s natural goodness and advantages.

Best baby milk in nigeria

Formulas manufactured with skimmed milk have a softer, more natural flavor. For babies with fragile digestive systems, this is a better option. From birth to six months, it is infant milk.

Safety Tips to Follow While Giving Baby Formula to Your Baby

Baby formula is not a substitute for breast milk; it is an alternate food source for infants whose moms cannot nurse.

The following are essential when using infant milk.

  • Before starting new infant milk or switching to another, always visit your pediatrician.
  • Read all of the contents carefully and look for anything that could trigger an allergic reaction in your kid.
  • Before feeding the milk through a bottle, perform an allergy test by providing small amounts of it.
  • If your infant develops rashes, diarrhea, or constipation as a result of the milk, stop using it and try a new one after three to four days.
  • Check the packet’s expiration date.
  • Follow the mixing table’s instructions to the letter and make sure everything is adequately mixed.
  • Only give formulas that have been freshly blended.
  • Refrigerate the already prepared formula bottles in an enclosed container if you want them a few hours later.
  • Always use hot water to clean the bottles and nipples.
  • It’s also crucial to understand the many types and forms of baby milk formulas to select the best one for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the frequently asked question on the list of best baby milk powders in Nigeria

Which Milk Is Best For Baby?

Breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients that the baby needs to grow properly. It is very low in sugar level and helps build a strong immune system for the baby as well as form resistance against any form of the disease. Thus, breast milk is the most recommended milk for a newborn baby.

What Are Other Good Milk For A Baby Other Than The Breast Milk?

There are varieties of other milk that can be substituted for breast milk, they are as follow

  1. Donated milk from a non-parent
  2. Animal milk, Otherwise known as Formula

Which Milk/Formula is Not Good For The Baby?

The order of how good from the best to the least of baby milk is as follows

  1. Mother’s milk
  2. Donated milk
  3. Processed Animal Milk/Formular
  4. Goat’s milk and any other form of animal milk are however not good because of their salt levels and hence should not be given to the baby.

How Much is SMA gold baby milk in Nigeria? 

SMA Gold Pro Toddler Milk  3 (1-3 Years)===> N7,000 – N8,000

SMA Gold Pro First Infant Milk 8oog===>N7,000 – N9,000

SMA Wysoy Soya Infant Formula From birth 860g ===> N12,000 – N14,000

SMA Pro 2 (6-12  month)===>N5,000 – N9,000

SMA Gold First Infant Milk (0-6 months) 400g ===> N7,500 – N8,000

What are The Food That Makes baby Fat In Nigeria

Here are the list of food that will make a baby gain more weight in Nigeria

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There you have it some of the best baby milk powder you can use to raise your child. Of course, there are a lot of options out there, but we’ve summarized a few to help you narrow your choices. So enjoy raising that beautiful child with one of the best baby milk powders in the country.

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