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It would interest you to know that custard is a popular food with lots of historical background, which we aren’t going to talk about in this article so we don’t bore you with an unnecessary story. You can get to read more on them by following the link we shall be posting in the last paragraph of the article.

However, there is no gainsaying as to the reason why custard is one of the most preferred food options by mothers for their babies. Custard although most parents also prefer to feed their babies with the Nigerian Local Pap, indigenously known as ogi by the Yoruba part of Nigeria while some terrible also know it as Akanmu. 

Custard is a kind of an easy to prepare food option you could give your child since it’s easy to chow down and swallow. Plus, is tasty as well. However, is it something recommended for daily consumption, and is there something in it that perhaps might not be good for your baby’s health?

It can be difficult to decide what to feed your child with, to this end, it is important that every food needs to be broken down into its constituent ingredients and nutritional values which are present so that you can be sure you’re not feeding your child anything that might be dangerous for them.

Custard is made of up a high amount of egg and this might make it quite fatty for children, which consequently, might be difficult for some babies to digest easily It is all dependent on the recipe you choose to follow which is why you should look up the type of cholesterol and fat quantity it has.

Can I Feed My Baby Custard? 

 Not recommended! Custard is a very nutrient-rich food, but it is also packed with fat. Your baby does not need a high amount of fatty foods at an early age, and you’re not doing your child any favors by starting the concept at this stage. You should hold off until your baby is more active, able to crawl around, or when they’ve started walking. At the age of three, it’s a great time to offer them items they’ve lacked and also include custard on that list.

What Can I Give My Baby Instead Of Custard

You aren’t going to deprive your child of delicious food, However, you need to be more selective in regards to whatever you have given them. There are some foods your child will love the taste of, however, they don’t carry negative effects due to being too fattening or containing too much cholesterol, having too much salt, or having a lot of sugar. As you introduce more food items to your baby and develop your palate, you’ll be able to identify the different tastes they like and will be able to accommodate their preferences without causing any problems.

Pudding As An Option

It’s fairly simple to create your own pudding and this is a much better alternative to giving them custards, particularly with the fact that you will be one to decide what you want to put in it. If you want to go the extra mile, you can purchase an organic pudding mix and follow the recipe but you should try to make it at home by yourself so you’ll know exactly what’s included in it and you can alter the recipe to your liking to suit your baby’s taste.

What Portion Of Custard Should I Give My Baby?

There is no particular measure as to what percentage of custard you should give to your baby. But most importantly, be certain not to feed the baby too much. Because it is so easy for them to eat it, it is possible to be lured into giving them a bigger amount than they are able to handle. This can give the illusion that the pudding or custard in itself is the cause, in reality, it’s the many they ate. Begin with small portions and then gradually increase the amount until you’re certain that your child is handling the situation properly.

In totality, the baby needs roughly about 35 to 50 calories per pound, while toddlers require roughly 35 to 40 calories per pound in a day for proper development.

Haven said this, it is most adviceable to therefore wait for the baby to clock the age of one before you start burning into them calories which in turn will make them grow fat.

There are a considerable number of great custard options you can find in the market, and in the article below, we have covered about 5 of them for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions on this topic

What Age Should I Give My Baby Custard?

Babies do not need much food packed with calories at a tender age, and custard is of no doubt not in the list of low-fat food due to the fact that it is majorly made up of eggs. Therefore, you should allow your baby to clock the age of one before you should give them custard.

Which Is The Best Custard Powder For Babies In Nigeria

A detailed guide for you on the best type of custard powder in Nigeria can be found here: Custard For Babies In Nigeria

Custard Or Pap, Which Is Best For Babies?

Consumption statistics have shown that most parents prefer to feed their babies with pap rather than custard. Perhaps the reason for this is the fact that pap is very cheap to make. Depending on how well you notice it affects your baby’s growth, the answer to this might be relative. To some, pap, to some, Custard. It’s your choice to make.


Custard is a food very rich in fat, and if you actually want your, baby, to grow some fat, then I recommend you should start with food like custard. We hope you got an answer to your question. Visit here to read more on the custard Dessert

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