Does Pap Make Babies Fat – Here is What You Should Know

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One big question that parents, most especially Nigerian parents want an answer to is the right type of food to feed their babes to gain weight.

Weight gain food for babies is really hard to come by in a place like Nigeria but they actually exist.

An average Nigerian baby finds it very hard to gain the right measure of weight at a very young age because most kids are actually not eating the right type of meal expected of them at a tender age.

Does Pap Make Babies Fat – All you should Know

Pap and Akara for babies o gain weight
Pap & Akara

Yes, pap is one of those types of food that can make a baby gain weight in Nigeria. It is one of the easiest food to digest for babies, helps get rid of unnecessary waste in the body by increasing the rate of urination and it makes babies fat when taken at the right time of the day.

Yeah, this post is not meant to be a long one. All I wanted to do want to just answer the question and that is what I have done.

To however buttress this answer, I will tell us some of the health benefits of pap. What goes well with pap for babies, what is the right time to eat pap for babies, what is the best type of pap for babies.

Health benefits of PapĀ 

Here are the basic health benefits of eating pap for babies;

1. It Gives Energy

Pap is a good source of calories. It gives the baby the optimum amount of energy sufficient for the day when taken in the morning as breakfast.

As an athlete, you can as well take pap. it is a good source of energy to keep you agile and active.

2. Its Aid Digestion

Pap is a food that is very easy to digest. It is high in cards.

3. Eliminates Body Waste

Pap makes babies urinate frequently more often rather than normal.

It helps the body to eliminate all irrelevant waste. Thus it is ideal to take it very early in the morning for babies.

Other posts will answer the remaining questions.

Thank you for reading.

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