List Of Best 10 Food For 8 Months Baby In Nigeria

List Of Best 10 Food For 8 Months Baby In Nigeria

List Of Best 10 Food For 8 Months Baby In Nigeria – Making the right choice of food for babies, especially when they are about to get weaned or when they have attained the age of weaning is somewhat a hard task to solve for most Nigerian Parents.

The reason why this happens is that some parent seems not to know the appropriate food choice that will actually be just right for the proper development of their babies.

That being said, some parents also try to make their budget based on their pocket. However, our babies deserve to eat the best food we have the ability to offer, especially at the tender age for them to properly, develop both mentally and physically.

There is therefore some Cheap Nigerian baby food you can actually give your kids when around the age range of 8-month that won’t even cost you much and yet give them the required nutrient they need to develop.

List Of Best 10 Food For 8 Month Baby In Nigeria

Parents are advised to start giving these foods to their babies as soon as they clock the age of 8 months especially when they have started growing teeth. This will help them not to feel the absence of breast milk as well as nourish their body.

1. Fruits

Fruits in a basket

It is very good when the fruit is consumed generally. It is even better when we introduce it to our babies as soon as they get to the age of 8 months or even below.
There are several fruits you can give to your children, but it is not all the fruit you lay your hand on that is consumable for them.
Some of the fruits you can consider are;

  • Orange
  • Pawpaw
  • Watermelon
  • Pear
  • Pineapple
  • Banana
  • Mango
  • Apple
  • Banana
  •  Avocado Puree etc.

The above fruits are very healthy for your baby. They can also be made in different forms. You may decide to make it in form of Juice, Smoothie or you can just make fruit salad.

If you notice your babies still have a problem with biting and chewing, you might need to consider the option of Blending the fruits to make them eatable for them just the way they will eat their normal Ice-cream or purees.

2. Cereal

Banana Puree Cereal

Cereals are a good source of nutrients for babies. Babies generally also prefer cereals over any other food especially when they do not have the opportunity to suck from their mother’s breast any longer.
Cereal always seems to be their best substitute. Hence, should be made readily available for them when they in need of it.

There are several Cereal options out there which you might want to consider that are suitable for an 8-month baby.

Mind you, babies have preferences when it comes to choosing the kind of cereals they want to eat. You might need to try out different types of cereals for your kid to actually know the right one he will like and will be healthy for him. Some of the ones you might want to  consider includes;

  • Nestle Cerelac
  • Nestle Nutrend Infant Cereal, Maize, and Soya
  • Nestle Nestum Infant Cereals
  • Happy Baby Oatmeal
  • Golden Mourn e.t.c

3. Vegetables And Tubers

Porrige and vegetable

Vegetable on its own is a good nutrients source for babies and you might also consider adding this to whatever tuber you want to give your 8-month baby.
You can decide to make this in any form, just don’t make it in one way (monotonous) all the time for them not to lose interest in it.

Yam And Porrige

You can always add Vegetables to Yam Porridge, You can also add it to Potatoes, this does not neglect the fact that you can cook it for them separately. Just try all these methods to see the one your kid will want to go for. So among some of the vegetables recommended for this categories are;

  • Ugu (Pumpkin Leaf)
  • Gbure (Waterleaf)
  • African Spinach (Efo Tete)
  • Efo Shoko (Spinach) etc.

4. Poultry, Meat, Fish

poultry products for babies

Babies would often go for anything sweet and soft for them to eating. They also might not eat food that does not have anything on it. Hence, you should always ensure to add either meat, fish, or egg to their food whenever you serve them.

fish for baby's food

All you need to ensure is that you cook them very well and that it does not have too much sauce like pepper as this might make them lose interest.

It is also important to know that not all kinds of Meat and Fish should be given to your 8-month-old babies but some of the ones you can always give them include;

  • Titus (Remove the bones before giving them)
  • Salmon,
  • Trout
  • herring
  • Catfish,
  • Crab
  • Tilapia,
  • Sardine
  • Anchovy
  • Crawfish
  • Lobster.

5. Draw Soup

Ewedu soup for babies

This is the most recommended type of soup for babies. An 8-month baby love to do all things as though he is having fun including eating. Serving then any Solid food with A draw soup will be the best favor you will do them.

Draw soup for babies

If you notice that your baby gives you headaches or cries when you are trying to feed them with any swallow food, then try feeding him or her today with a draw soup and see the difference.

Some of the most preferable and nourishing draw soup you should give them include;

  • Ewedu
  • Okro
  • Ogbono Soup

6. Amala.

Amala Nigerian food

Amala remains one of the most widely acceptable swallows on Nigeria’s food menu. The reason being that it is easy to make, delicious to both the young and old, and well as nourishing to the body.

If at all you want to start giving your children any swallow, then you should of course start with food like Amala. It becomes even better when eaten with a soup-likeamala food for babies Ewedu, Okro, or Ogbono.

7. Pap

brown pap with milk

Pap remains the best food you can offer any baby who has no access to the mother’s breast again in  Nigeria. Almost all babies would choose Pap over every other food, including the so-called cereals we have mentioned.

pap with milk

Pap can be made in diverse forms depending on whichever one your baby prefers to go with. You can as well Mix up Half an Egg while preparing the Pap, this will make it more nutrient-packed.

Nigerian Ogi/Pap/Akanmu

Pap should however be taken by your kid only as a breakfast when he or she is around 8 months upward. No serious reason for this other than the fact that it makes them urinate too often and therefore, you wouldn’t want to keep washing your bedsheet every day because of your baby’s urine.

8. Akara

Nigerian Akara

Akara is snack babies love. It gets even much better when you serve them with Pap. All you just need to ensure is that you do not make it too dry and there should not be pepper on the one you want to serve the baby.

Akara For Babies

You can also decide to give them alone without adding any other thing other than water or juice.
This should be taken at any time, as breakfast, as Lunch for dinner.

9. Yam & Egg

Yam and Egg served in a white plate

Giving an 8-month-old baby a nicely prepare Yam with egg offers them a lot of health advantages. like boosting brain health, reduce inflammation, as well blood sugar control fiber, potassium, manganese, copper, and antioxidants.

Yam and gg sauce

Yam is densely rich in nutrients like fiber, potassium, manganese, copper, and antioxidants which a baby at that age needs for proper development.

10. Indomie

Nicely prepared noodles for a baby served in a plateNicely prepared noodles for a baby served in a plate

Indomie is food that children most time fall in love with. Aside from that fact that it is a fast food among the above listed. It can be garnished with things like fish, Meat, Egg, Hotdog, Onions, and many other things.


Children’s indomie should be soft and be well broken to make it eatable for them. They might also reject it if the ingredient is too much, so you should be mindful of the ingredients you will add.

Frequently  Asked  Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions on the List Of Best 10 Food For 8 Months Baby In Nigeria

What Are The Food An 8-Month-Old Baby Cannot Eat?

It is not recommended not to give hard foods like popcorn, raw vegetables, candies, dried fruits, seeds to your kids. You should also avoid smoked and cured meats, high-mercury fish, refined grains.

What  Should I Feed My 8 Month Baby I The Morning?

It is highly recommended you give your baby something milky in the morning. Preferably breast milk if he/she is still within the range of 0-6 months. And for those above the age of 6 months, you should ensure to include milk in any meal you want to give them.

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Our babies need the best we can give them when they are at a tender age in other to grow both mentally and physically just as we have said in the introductory part of this article. Hence, even though we all might not be able to afford some of all the foods that have been highlighted above, it is necessary to ensure that we give them food that will nourish their body which they themselves will enjoy eating.

Additionally, do not make the mistake of forcing your little 8-month baby to eat a food that he or she do not like,  ensure that you give them the one they will like, and also, because they like it does not mean it should now be served for them as both breakfast, lunch, and Dinner repeatedly all the time.

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