5 Fruits & Foods to Gain Weight for Females in Nigeria

Gaining weight is what everyone is very much concerned about. It is even a bigger case to worry about if you are a Nigerian. Nigeria has a lot of food options, But not all these food are recommended if you want to gain weight. As a female person in Nigeria; Here are foods you should eat to add weight.

Female Gender

As a Female, if you take food like Yam, Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes, Smoothie, Milk, Nuts, and Avocado, you definitely will increase in weight within a few days. These are Nigerian foods that are rich in nutrients necessary for the body to grow chubby and fleshy with or without any additional supplement.

To know more about the best type of food to gain weight for females in Nigeria continue reading this post to discover more about the topic.

List Of Foods to Gain Weight for Females in Nigeria

Food to Gain Weight

Here are the best types of fruits and food you can take to grow chubby.

1. Potatoes

Potato Porridge

Potatoes are one of the sweetest tubers in Nigeria. And if you want to gain weight in Nigeria as a female, then you should start feeding on food like potatoes. Most especially Irish Potatoes.

Irish potatoes, as well as sweet potatoes, are very rich in calories. These calories are what the body needs to enhance weight gain.

Consuming potatoes help the body produce the maximum calories needed by the body and provides the body with fiber.

Potatoes can be prepared in different ways and can be taken with different kinds of food Bean, eggs, Pie, etc.

For best taste, you can use any method you most prefer to prepare potatoes. Although, I prefer to eat mine in porridge form.  As a female folk, you might not need much of these but it is good for you to take it for your lunch if you are bet on gaining weight.

Watch how to make Potato Porridge, One of the best Nigerian food you can take to add weight in less than 2 weeks


2. Avocado

Avocado Pear- Nigerian Food To Gain Weight

Avocado is a popular food that is very rich in “Vitamin K” and Potassium. The average weight of avocado has potentially about 200 Cal. This is very good for you if you want to get fat. Female babies also need this a lot.

For babies, you can decide to blend it for them since they mind not be able able to chew that much. And for those who can chew already, you can serve them as a fruit party.

Better still. you can blend it all with some other types of fruits like Banana, Apple, Water Melon, Pineapple, etc. depending on your choice and preferred state to make the smoothie.

Avocado can as well be added to sandwiches and can also be eaten all by itself in raw form. It doesn’t need any form of cooking or heat.

3. Milk

Drinking MIlk

Milk is one food people tend to manage in Nigeria. But if you truly want to grow weight, then you must learn to take milk without managing it. You need to take a lot of milk if you or your female baby want to grow chubby.

Milk contains enough protein sources that give the body both Whey protein and casein. You can start taking like 1 to 2 cups of milk daily if you want to grow weight fast. Although maintaining this in a place like Nigeria is not that possible, but, whenever you have the fund, you should try as much as possible to take it so it can supplement your body fatness.

4. Smoothie

Smoothie inside glass cups

We have so many people who do not like taking some fruits in their solid form. There is a reason why this is so. Some might be because of chewing problems, some might complain that it affects their teeth after eaten, especially for fruit like Pineapple. And for babies that might not be able to chew a lot of fruit needed for their body. There has to be a solution to this.

This is where smoothie comes in. This is a unique combination of different types of fruits blended together into a semi-liquid form.

For instance, you can combine banana, nut, and chocolate to make a chocolate banana nut shake. And to make this combination even more amazing, you can add milk to it.

Alternatively, you can as well combine, Watermelon, Milk, and nuts. Depending on how you want the taste to come out. mix the variation of these fruits together to get the best out of them. Importantly, milk is something that is often needed in almost all these smoothies.

Apart from the fact that it adds a more creamy taste it also makes it more nourishing to the body. It aids weight gain.

And for babies that might not be able to even drink the smoothie, you may help them to squeeze out the water after blending.

5. Pap

Nigerian Pap-Weight Gain Food

Pap is one of the most indigenous food in Nigeria best recommended for weight gain. It is ideal for babies below the age of 3 months. Pap is good for both children and adults. It is rich in calories needed by the body to gain the right measure of weight per day.

It can be eaten with different types of food in Nigeria like Akara, Eko, Moi Moi, etc.

It is an ideal type of food for you if you want to gain weight quickly in Nigeria.

Read this post to know how to prepare Pap – The best food for babies to add weight.

Do you have any other food you have taken before in Nigeria that made you fat or made you more chubby? Then help us comment below for others to know. Thank you for sharing and we hope to hear from you.


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