Health Benefits Of Custard for Babies

Prepared Checker Custard

Hello, dear esteemed readers. In this post, you will get to know so many hidden things you have been surfing the internet for on the health benefits of consuming custards for your babies. I have noticed that most parents get so confused as to what benefits consuming custard is to the health of their infants, babies, or children or even for they themselves

There are some other health benefits of giving babies custard different from the ones I will be listing in this post. But these are the most importantt and common ones that you should know about which look to be very general.

Mind you, you need to know the health benefit of any food you want to feed your baby with. So many parents make this mistake and just feed the baby with any food without even taking into consideration what effect or health effect it has or will have on them. In the case of custard, be it Heintz Fruit Banana Custard, Gerber 2nd Foods Vanilla Custard Pudding, The Checkers Custard Powder, Family ChoCho Custard, or Family Milk Custard which I considered the best custard brands for babies in Nigeria. I have written an article on this.

Here are the health benefits of Custard for  babies

The health benefits of custard for babies or anyone consuming them are numerous. But here are just a few of them:

Kindly know that there are different ways through which custards are made: some are from powdered mixes, some are made from eggs and some custards are made from real cream.

1. Fattening Ability

Like I have said above, the benefit of custard to you, the baby or anyone consuming it depends solely on the constituent it is made from. If your custard is made from just powder mixes, you should expect that it will contain less fattening ability than the ones made from egg and real cream. So medically, when you consume custard made with egg or cream, technically, you are feeding the body with fat more than when you are consuming or feeding the body with the custard made purely from powder.

2. Sugar Regulation

Custard made from powder like I have said above contains less fastening ability than the ones made with egg or full cream. Yet, it has lots of sugar content. The sugar content in it is higher compared to the ones made with egg or cream. And mind you, too much sugar is not good for the health as it causes high blood pressure, inflammation, unnecessary weight gain, diabetes as well as liver diseases. This is not what you would want your baby to develop. So it is much healthier to costume egg or cream custard as it contains less sugar content which supports weight maintenance and blood pressure regulation.

 3. Preservative Ability

Preservatives and chemical content are what you would want to avoid consuming especially for babies. When you consume custards made from powder, you tend to take in more preservatives and chemical contents which aren’t good for the body.  Consumption of preservatives in food causes Hypersensitivity, allergy, hyperactivity, asthma, neurological damage as well as cancer. In contrast to this, if you consume or feed your baby more milk made or eggy custard, you take in fewer preservatives and less chemical contents.

4. Vitamin Contents

Different custard contains different vitamins and mineral contents. When you take custard made with butter as the active ingredient, it provides the body with different kinds of vitamins like “Vitamin K”, a necessary vitamin for skin, immune function, and healthy vision.

More importantly, egg yolks are a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids together with other vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, and K which act as an antioxidant for preventing your baby from illness.

5. Energy Source

Taking any type of sugar added custard serves as a good energy source for the baby. The presence of sugar makes it an extra way to supply the kid with energy.

It also contains the exact quantity and quality of protein, fat and calories required of the body to make the baby fuller and stronger for a longer period of time without getting hungry.

More so, milk in custard is a good source of calcium necessary to milk growth and development.

Table Showing the Nutrition content for Eachservings of Custard.

Type Value
Carbohydrates 15.5gram
Calories 146.6gram
Protein 7.1gram
Sodium 86gram
Cholesterol 118.4ram
Fat 6.5gram
Potassium 208.7gram
Calcium 150.9mg
Magnesium 15.5mg
Phosphorous 159.3mg
Iron 0.5mg
Zinc 0.8mg
Thiamine 0.1mg
Riboflavin 0.3mg
Total Omega 30gram