Is it Safe To Eat Custard During Pregnancy

a pregnant women touching her womb

A lot of different expecting mothers have been asking this same question. And to be very honest, it is a very important one at that. Many expecting mothers are very confused as to the kind of food they should or should not eat while pregnant.

Can You Eat Custard During Pregnancy

a pregnant women touching her womb

Is it Safe To Eat Custard During Pregnancy? Medically, It is very safe to eat custard during pregnancy. All you need is just the right measure and the right brands. As a pregnant person, you can take custard that is made with pasteurized egg yolks. Popular custard brands like Checkers, Heinz, and Gerber’s custard are made with pasteurized egg yolks hence, are very good for pregnant women, but be careful of homemade custards and custard-like ‘Creme Anglais’ that is made with non-pasteurized egg and hence, not safe for consumption during pregnancy.

In particular, there is even more debate on whether one can eat custard during pregnancy or not.

If you are in this category of so-called confused state and food choice during your pregnancy or you want to get information on behave of someone, then I can assure you that this page will answer your question to the best of its capacity.

Kindly know that this isn’t coming from the expert’s point of view. I am also a researcher like you. The only difference is that I have experienced this situation before, so I might also be writing this with some bit of my experiences and how I was able to approach it.

Going forward, let me bore you with a bit of an interaction with a friend of mine.

According to her, “My pregnancy was difficult, just like every other pregnant woman will say, although, she didn’t have gestational diabetes.  Furthermore, she said she was on borderline, hence, she dimed if fit not to eat any form of artificial sugar. All the sugar she was using was all-natural. Now, wherever she has a serious craving for sugar, she will go for it rather than deny herself.”

And when she was offered sugar, she first rejected it.

“Before thinking of taking something while pregnant, it is best to consult your gynecologist. This is because they have all your health reports and hence, will be in the right position to put you through the kind of meal you should take while you are pregnant.”

The truth is that. the state of pregnancy is a stage where women need to be extra careful about the type of food they take in. Whether store-bought, homemade, chemical-mixed, or natural. Any food you want to eat depends on your health condition.

Medically, For most custards bought in shops or factories, they are made with pasteurized eggs, which makes them very safe for you to eat. To check this, it is always written on the product pack. So, whenever you want to buy any custard while pregnant, you can take your time to check if it is made with pasteurized egg or not.

However, most homemade custards aren’t made with pasteurized eggs, which makes them slightly unsafe for pregnant women. What exactly does pasteurized egg and unpasteurized egg mean?

According to NHS, eggs that are without the British Lion Stamp are liable to contain Salmonella. This can cause food poisoning, Hence eggs without it should not be consumed especially for pregnant women. Although it might be harmless to the baby, at the same time can make the baby uncomfortable.

Thus, any egg that does not have this stamp should not be used to prepare custard for pregnant women. If at all you will prepare your custard at home, then ensure you use an egg that has the British Lion Stamp. Or alternatively, ensure to cook the egg properly if the egg is not pasteurized. This will reduce the non-pasteurization rate.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are answers to the frequently asked question on the discussed topic in this article

What is a Pasteurised Egg?

We have been hammering on the word, pasteurized egg since morning. Perhaps you don’t know the meaning yet. Basically, anything that is pasteurized is very safe for anyone to eat, be it children, pregnant women, adults, etc. Examples of things that have been pasteurized before they are sold out are products like Orange juice, milk, wine, etc. These products are safe for anyone who want to take them.

Where Can I get Pasteurised Egg to Make My Custard?

If you are a fan of making your food at home yourself and you don’t want to use ordinary eggs, then you can always get a pasteurized egg at the grocery stores. They come in white cartons, and you usually will see them written boldly on them. Oftentimes, if you see an egg white in a box, then you can simply assume it to be pasteurized.

Can I Pasteurise My Egg?

Yes, you can pasteurize your own egg, just that this might be a whole of a stressful process. So it will be better to just go on and buy an already pasteurized egg to avoid the impending stress.

Is it good for a pregnant woman to eat vanilla custard powder?

Medically, foods that contain vanilla are generally safe for pregnant women to consume. Hence you can eat vanilla custard even when pregnant. It does not pose any risk to the fetus. However, you should be moderate in your consumption of vanilla while pregnant.

Is checkers custard good for a pregnant woman?

Yes, checkers custard is made with pasteurized egg, hence, it is safe for pregnant women to eat it. Any food made with pasteurized egg can be consumed as previously discussed in the article.

Is Caramel Custard Good For Pregnant Women?

Yes. Caramel custard is made with pasteurized egg and hence, it is safe for pregnant women. The Creme Brulee is a baked custard made with egg cream and vanilla and coated with caramelized sugar.

Summarily, as a pregnant woman, it is advisable for you not to eat pre-prepared foods, foods that have custard as one of the highly active ingredients in them aren’t that safe for pregnant women. You should avoid eating food with already-made chilled custard, uncooked egg, homemade mayonnaise.

Desserts that are made with custard may be tasty as they are often made with raw eggs. You should avoid these kinds of food as you are at the risk of having Salmonella if consumed. This is an infection that affects not just pregnant women. So far the food consumed is not well cooked or eaten eating raw, the rate of having salmonella infection is very high.

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