8+ List Of Food Ideas For 1 Year Old In Nigeria To Try Out

8+ List Of Food Ideas For 1 Year Old In Nigeria To Try Out

8+ List Of Food Ideas For 1 Year Old In Nigeria To Try Out – The problem most nursing parents in Nigeria face often isn’t only the fact that they don’t have the resources to buy for their children whatever they will eat or to make it for them.

Some even go as far as researching online, buying series of books that talk about children’s food ideas and from some of their grandmas who they think knows more than them, yet they still end up not getting the desired result on the food to give to their 1-year-old baby. Some even go to the extent of employing the help of a nutritionist to give them food ideas for their infants.

I understand how it feels, and I know how frustrating it can be most times. Making nutritious food for a year-old baby, especially in a country like Nigeria requires one to pay keen attention to the baby’s diet.

Knowing fully that the diets you give them at this stage have a very long way to go in the development and growth of the baby. It is very much advisable to get the best meal plan possible.

8+ List Of Food Ideas For 1 Year Old In Nigeria To Try Out

That your baby is now a year old doesn’t mean they will be able to eat all the food you will put into their mouth. This does not also mean you should be eager to chomp down the food into their mouth if they aren’t ready to eat them. It takes time and patience.

But either way, when babies taste the food they like, you will know.
However, here are the most amazing food lists you can give to your 1-year-old baby in Nigeria as far as 2021 is concerned and he will keep crying to mama for more.

1. Cereal

Cereal is somewhat the baby’s most preferred type of meal. When it is prepared very well, it becomes irresistible for them.
The beauty of this type of food is that It requires no expertise to be able to make them. They are an already processed food that requires just a few touches and it will be just ready for your baby’s consumption.
Cereals are better eaten for children when you add enough milk. Do not give your children any cereal without adding enough milk. You might decide to use your breast milk if you aren’t comfortable using milk formula.
But ensure you add enough milk to your 1-year-old baby’s cereal to make it more nourishing and sumptuous.
Some also make the mistake of adding milk to cereal. The milk should be the first thing you should put in the water and stirred until it becomes homogenous, then the addition of the cereal can follow.

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2. Noodle

Noodle is also a great idea of food to include in your 1-year-old baby menu. Noodle is rich in several micronutrients such as Iron, Manganese, Folate, and Vitamin B. Instant noodles as they call it is one of the fastest food to prepare for your baby. There are ways you can make the meal and your baby won’t reject it. You first have to make sure you cut it to smaller sizes, unlike the ones you will make for yourself.

Also, ensure you do not use all the ingredients as babies do not like to eat food that is too saucy. To make the noodle even more attractive to them, You may decide to add Hotdog, Chopped Chicken, Crayfish, Green pepper, Sliced tomatoes, Onion, egg, etc. Just ensure you do not add all these at once. 2-3 of these spices are okay at a go.
Noodles can be eaten as breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

3. Bread

Bread is also one food that babies fall in love with when they are prepared in the right way for them.
Most babies love to eat by themselves while some would want you to feed them.

So, food like bread is a great choice for those who love to eat their food by themselves. the reason is that It is very easy for them to hold and bite.

All you need to ensure is that the bread is very soft for them to bite and chew.
Also, do not make the mistake of giving your baby bread without adding a cup of tea or egg beside it.
Eating baked food like that without milk support is not recommended.

You might also cut the bread into smaller sizes and sock them in the tea if the baby finds it hard to bite.
Bread can be eaten as breakfast, lunch as well as dinner for children that are 12 months of age.

4. Bean Cake

Akara is another great meal idea for your one-year-old baby.
It is of course a locally made food. Akara is made from processed beans.
It is relatively easy to make this for those who have known how to do it. But for those who have not attempted it before, it might be a bit difficult.

Babies love to eat snacks and making it at the comfort of your home for them will be just fine.
Even though It is what you can always buy for them from the local restaurant close to your house. You shouldn’t buy Akara for your one-year-old baby. Ensure you give them the one you made at home by yourself.
This will allow for the practice of good hygiene.

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5. Mashed Potatoes.

This is one of the healthy pureed food menus for babies to gain weight.
There are several kinds of Potatoes and they are regarded as the most popular vegetable across the world.
Potatoes are well rich in nutrients and not just an embodiment of natural sweet taste.

Mashed potatoes or potato puree like we have rightly said is a great way to increase the weight of your kid and should be given to them at least three times a week to make the purpose known in their body.
This can as well be eaten with meals like Beans when mashed together as porridge.

6. Amala & Ewedu

This is another great dish for your one-year-old babies.
Amala is made from a processed Yam. There are different kinds of Amala. We have the one made from Ogede (Plantain), we have the one made from Paki (Cassava).

It is much preferable to give your baby the one made from Yam served with a well-prepared ewedu soup.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be Ewedu soup. But ensure the soup is a draw type. This will make swallowing the food much easier for them as well as make them eat more.

This is a great meal for your little infant you should add to your family meal as it can also be eaten by the elderly ones. But ensure you do not make the soup too spicy for the baby’s sake.

7. Custard

Custard is a great dessert that is not just rich in a meal but is also very easy for babies to consume.

There are different variations of custard and the one you will buy depends on the one your baby prefers to eat.

The presence of egg as a major ingredient in custard makes it even more enjoyable and irresistible for babies.

Custard is rich in egg protein and calcium, from milk. It’s a great source of energy for babies due to the presence of sugar.

It is also rich in vitamins like Vitamin K, E, D, and E necessary for your baby’s growth.

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8. Pap

This is one of the most re-occurring meals on the Nigerian baby food menu.
The brown type of pap is otherwise known as the Pap for babies. It is the best type of pap out of the three variations of pap colours.

Pap is obtained from millet, Maize as well as guinea corn. You can as well combine any two out of the above to make another brand of pap.

Pap I also a very good source of protein for children.
Since pap is a locally made type of food, you should do the pap your baby will eat at home by yourself.
Having good, clean food is worth the stress of your precious 1-year-old infant.
Other food ideas for baby at age 1 include.

  • Whole-grain pancakes.
  • Chicken or turkey bites.
  • Firm or silken tofu.
  • Eggs
  • Bananas, peaches, and other soft fruits.
  • Avocado.
  • Oatmeal
  • Yoghurt and milk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions on 8+ List Of Food Ideas For 1 Year Old In Nigeria

Can I Create A Feeding Timetable For a 1 Year Old?

Yes, It is very important to create a timetable for your children to make them cultivate a good feeding habit.

What Food Should I Not Give My One Year Old Baby?

Food that is rich in all nutrients necessary for their growth and development. The ideas of these types of food are what we have highlighted above.

Can I Give Custard To My 1 Year Old Baby?

Yes, you can give your 12-month-old baby custards. You can as well introduce to him any other form of solid food. Just ensure that custard should be on its food menu not more than 3 times 4 times a week.


Children at year one go through so many experimental habits like feeding themselves, learning to feel hunger and having a craving for food, learning to be independent and so many others.

As you watch them pass through this wonderful stage, there are many healthy food choices and ideas that you can start giving them to make them grow even better like Veggies, eggs, fruits, Plaintain, and fresh fish

Here is the catch, select good easy to chew food that is soft and highly nutritious for your baby.

It is also best if you start introducing these foods little by little. Do not rush them to eat it. Allow them to eat at their own pace. Do not introduce them to all these foods at once. It takes time for them to get adapted to this new era of having to survive without mummy’s delicious breast milk.

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