Current Prices of Baby Things in Nigeria 2022

Price of baby things

I was searching through the internet and I saw how demanding many people are actually looking forward to seeing the latest prices of baby food in Nigeria as well as the list of things to buy for babies especially for expectant mothers, Considering the fact that the economy is changing every day and the market price chart is not even stable. Here are what I have found out.

There are many things in the Nigerian market you can buy for your unborn babies as well as the already existing ones. The prices of these commodities are never stable, thus, there will always be variation in prices in this list as they are internally and externally affected by the Nigerian economy. But In spite of all these, I have come up with a very comprehensive list of the most important things you should buy for the babies and the average cost in the Nigerian Market.

Below are things, you can buy for your baby in Nigeria, and amazingly, we have also included links to where you can actually purchase any of these products. So click on any of them and you will be redirected to the page where you can read more on them as well as make a purchase of any of these products.

Prices of Baby Things in Nigeria

Some very vital things you must include while buying stuff for your baby are;

Price of baby things


Baby Diapers

I hope obviously have to mention this, the days of wearing and changing different clothes for your baby in just one day is far gone in Nigeria. The advent of civilization has taken away the practice of having to wash your clothes almost every day next time last longer. Although wearing a diaper does not mean you will not have to wash your baby’s clothes daily, without a doubt, it will reduce the frequency at which you wash and hence, makes them last longer. A disposable diaper is now the other of the day among nursing parents, expecting parents, and perhaps those with bladder problems.

On average, babies use close to 4-6 diapers in a day, which equivalently means that they will use about 140 diapers in the first month days (30 days). This cost averagely around N9,800

A great option if you do not have the buoyancy to financially carry such expense, is to consider washable nappies.

Washable nappies are a great option for your babies especially when you cannot afford to buy diapers most time, they are easy to wear, easy to wash as well as very comfortable on the baby. And of course, I have researched some amazing lists of nice nappies in Nigeria with their prices. You can follow here to read or purchase one and your kid today >>>

Baby Clothing

If there is one thing that a first-time expecting parent cherries most, I will say it is “clothing“. Clothing is one thing that parents who are expecting a baby always take very seriously. Some even go to the extent of buying down clothes for both male and female gender before the advent of doing a scan to know the exact gender of the child. Actually, it is worth the overzealousness. And of course, even if you are on a tight budget, you should make a plan for at least these things for your coming baby; 5 onesies, 3-4 infant gowns or top-and-pants combos, 3-4 receiving blankets or shawls, 5-6 overall or pin-downs, (also called Somo di lawyer), 4-5 pairs of socks, 1-2 head cap, 4-6 pairs of hand gloves, 2-3 pairs of baby shoes. If you can also afford to buy more than these, then you should buy more.

We, of course, have some great plugs where you can buy all these amazing combos of baby clothing at very discounted prices right here in Nigeria. Visit here to know more and make a purchase in bulk, combo pack, or in retails. >>>

Baby Bath Accessories

If there is one thing that babies dislike doing when they are little, it is “bathing“. If infants actually have the mouth to talk, am sure they will actually choose not to bathe than eat. This often time is caused by the fact that they aren’t comfortable in the atmosphere they are being bathed.

However, by choosing the right bating accessories for your baby, he might really have no reason to cry while bathing anymore because it gives them so much convenience and ease.

A good way to go about this is to buy a tub-shaped bay bath. But if you cannot afford this, you can always go with the normal traditional way of using a large water plastic bath. Alongside this, you will need towels, washcloths, brush and comb, cotton wool (for infants who are still toothless), a bathing sponge, etc.

Baby Wardrobe

This is another must-have for first-time moms. The fact that you actually have a wardrobe at home presently does not mean you should share the same wardrobe with your incoming king/queen. It is necessary to get them their separate wardrobe. This will help to keep things in good order at home.

Besides, you can always get different wardrobes for each item. a separate one where you will be keeping their food, another for their cloth and another for the shoes.

Baby wardrobes come in different sizes, it all depends on the quantity of stuff you want to put inside. But I will recommend that you just go for a big one at once so that you might not have the need to keep buying for the successive children.

There are different types of wardrobe, some are made of plastic, some are detachable, while some are made of wood, this type is the commonest one, the first version of it is the one that can directly be fixed on the wall while the second is the one that can be moved around to any part of the house.

Baby Car Seat

If there is one thing that babies enjoy that keeps them calm and silent especially when they are bout to cry, then  I’d say “Drive them around” Babies enjoy being driven around a lot.  This is why you might possibly need a good car seat to make your baby feel much more comfortable while being driven.

Baby seats are made in such a way that is well padded to make the baby feel comfortable as well as secure while playing the rough Nigerian terrain.

Baby Carrier

You don’t have a car yet? You don’t know how to back your baby very well? Then you surely need a baby carrier. A baby carrier is used to carry babies comfortably without having to struggle with tying wrappers like our grandmas of old do.

Baby carriers come in different sizes and shapes depending on the size and weight of your baby. The basic type is the one that allows you to strap the baby to your chest.

The importance of this can surely not be overemphasized, it makes you look smarter, and walk confidently without having to worry about the state of your baby and of backing them coupled with the fact the baby with fell very much secured.

Baby Cot / Baby Bed

Unless you are planning to create the space for your baby to sleep on the bed of the family, you will need to purchase the baby cot and mattress. If you’re lucky enough to have a baby who doesn’t require attention on a regular basis, then you might need the baby cot for just a few months.

However, if your baby is the crying type who cries frequently and needs constant attention, then place the mattress on top of your bed. This will prevent you from the difficulty of having to get up and down frequently from your bed to pet him/her. You might also need to purchase lightweight blankets and crib sheets

Baby Feeding Accessories

You surely need to get this for your baby. Also, the type of feeding accessories and how many accessories you will need to feed your baby will be determined by your decision to breastfeed your baby or not.

Some parents actually prefer exclusive breastfeeding, which takes approximately close to six months and so, therefore, there might not be a need for them to actually get feeding bottles. But in cases where you decide not to do exclusive breastfeeding for the baby, getting a feeding bottle is inevitable.

Although, in some cases, you might be required to pump your bre^st milk which makes a feeding bottle very important for you to get. Alongside this, you will also need, burp cloths, bibs, bottle brushes, nursing bras, bre^st pads, milk storage containers, nursing pillows, etc. If in particular, you want to feed your baby with formula, then you’d need additional accessories like the measuring cup.

Other Thing Your Baby Would Need Includes:

  • Flask
  • Thermostat
  • Diaper cream
  • Pacifiers Baby walker
  • Baby rocker
  • Baby stroller
  • Baby thermometer
  • Changing pad or table
  • Playpen Rattles and other toys
  • Bottle warmers
  • Bulb syringe
  • Mosquito net
  • Teething rings of

Babies are high maintenance, which means you have to feed them at intervals. Fortunately, there are different baby food in the market that can provide your child with enough nutrients as breast milk.

So I’ve come up with a list of the price of baby food in Nigeria. With this list, you should be able to make a budget that covers your child’s feeding.

Current Price Of Baby Food in Nigeria

This list will be according to brands so that you will know the prices for each baby food.

Brand Name Price ()
SMA Pro First Infant Milk Powder 400g 0 – 6 Month 7,500
SMA Pro Follow On Milk Powder 400g 6 – 12months 4,800
SMA First Infant Milk 0-6 900g 6,560
SMA First Infant Milk 0-6 Months 900 g 6,999


Nutribom Infant Cereal Rice 6 Months+ 350 g 865
Nutribom Infant Cereal Oats 6 Months+ 350 g 865
Nutribom Infant Cereal Maize 6 Months+ 350 g 865
Nutribom Infant Cereal Multi-Grain 6 Months+ 350 g 865
Nutribom Infant Cereal Banana & Apple 6 Months+ 350 g 865


Nestle Cerelac Maize & Milk 6 Months+ 400 g 1,505
Nestle Cerelac Wheat & Milk 6 Months+ 400 g 1,505
Nestle Cerelac 3 Cereals With Milk – 8 Months 2,300
Nestle Cerelac Honey and Wheat with Milk Infant Cereal 4,800
Nestle Cerelac Oat and Wheat 4,900
Nestle Cerelac Baby Rice 2,000
Nestle Lactogen 1 0-6 Months 400g 1,750
Nestle Lactogen 2 6-12 Months 400 g 1,750
Nestle Pre-Nan 400 g 2,350
NAN 1 Optipro Starter Infant Formula from Birth 400g 2,600
Nan 2 Follow-Up Optipro Formula 6-12 Months 400 g 2,499
Nan 3 Optipro Growing Up Milk 1-3 Years 400g 1,855

Friso Gold

Friso Gold Rice Based Milk Cereal 6-36 Months 300 g 2,300
Friso Gold Wheat Based Cereal 6-36 Months 300 g 2,700

Similac Infant Formula

Similac Pro Advance With Non-gmo 27,000
Similac Go & Grow Milk-based Toddler Drink 17,500
Similac Go & Grow Optigro Toddler Drink – 1.13kg 30,000
Similac Sensitive For Fussiness And Gas Infant Formula With Iron 1.13kg 27,500
Similac Alimentum With 2-FL, 400g 15,000
Similac Isomil Stage 1 Soy Protein Infant Formula – 850g 19,500
Similac Total Comfort Formula – 0-6 Months – 360g 7,000
Similac Isomil Stage 2 Soy Protein Follow-up Formula – 850g 22,500
Similac Isomil Stage 3 Soy Protein Formula – 850g 25,000
Similac Advance Stage 1 Infant Formula With Iron Powder – 227g 6,500
Similac Neosure Preterm Infant Formula – 646g 25,000


Gerber Puffs Banana Cereal Snack  
Gerber Multigrain Baby Cereal 4,000
Gerber 2nd Foods Apples 227g 2 Pieces 1,020
Gerber Carrots 113g 2 Pieces 1,000
Gerber Lil’bits Whole Wheat Cereal Apple Blueberry 227g 3,600
Gerber Lil’bits Whole Wheat Cereal Apple Cinnamon 227g 3,600
Gerber Lil’bits Whole Wheat Creal Banana Strawberry 227g 3,400
Gerber Oatmeal Cereal Single Grain 227g 2,625
Gerber Rice Cereal Single Grain 227g 1,720

Cow & Gate

Cow & Gate Apple Crumble 7 Months+ 200g 700
Cow & Gate Baby Balance My First Bolognese 4-6 Months+ 600
Cow & Gate Carrot & Lamb Hotpot 4-6 Months+ 125g 600
Cow & Gate Cauliflower Cheese 4-6 Months+ 125g 560
Cow & Gate Creamy Carrot & Potato 4-6 Months+ 125g 600
Cow & Gate Delicious Peach & Apple 4-6 Months+ 125g 600
Cow & Gate Garden Pea & Turkey Pie 7 Months+ 200g 700
Cow & Gate Mini Beef Casserole 4-6 Months+ 125g 600
Cow & Gate Nutrijunior Growing Up 3 1-3 Years 400g 2,300
Cow & Gate Nutristart Infant Formula 1 0-6 Months+ 400g 2,300
Cow & Gate Orchard Apricot & Apple 4-6 Months+ 125g 600
Cow & Gate Scrummy Spaghetti Bolognese 7 Months+ 200g 680
Cow & Gate Spaghetti Bolognese 10 Months+ 250g 940
Cow & Gate Sunday Lunch With Veggies & Chicken 10 Months+ 230g 1,450
Cow & Gate Tasty Apple & Blueberry 4-6 Months 125g 600
Cow & Gate Tasty Apple & Orange 4-6 Months 125g 600
Cow & Gate Veggie & Turkey Risotto 10 Months+ 250g 920
Cow & Gate Yummy Harvest Chicken 7 Months+ 200g 700

Heinz Farley

Heinz Farley’s Cereal Rice & Milk 6 Months+ 375g 2,390
Heinz Farley’s Cereal Wheat & Milk 6 Months+ 375g 2,390

Earth’s Best Organic

Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal 227g 2,700
Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal 227g 2,700


Nutriben Crescimento Toddlers Milk 1-3 Years 900g 5,200
Nutriben Natal Infant Milk 0-12 Months 400g 3,200


Peak 123 Growing Up Milk 1-3 Years Tin 400g   1,205
Peak 123 Growing Up Milk Powder Tin 900 G 2,699
Peak 456 Growing Up Milk 4-6 Years Sachet 400g 1,015


Enfamil Neuropro Baby Formula Milk Powder Reusable Tub – 20.7 Oz 14,500
Enfamil Infant Baby Formula – 12.5 oz Powder Can 9,000
Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula Powder 610g 27,500
Enfamil Enfagrow Stage 3 Toddler Next Step Natural Milk – 32oz 18,500
Enfamil Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Natural Milk Flavor 17,500
Enfamil Soy Infant Formula – 0-12 Months – 366g 19,500
Enfamil Nutramigen 2 Formula For 6 To 12months 1,500
Enfamil EnfaCare Pre-term Baby Formula – 363g 13,800


Aptamil First Infant Milk- Stage 1 Birth to 6 Months 900g 13,000
Aptamil Stage 2 9,500
Aptamil Growing Up Milk; Stage 3; 1-2 years 9,000
Aptamil Growing-up Milk Stage 4 8,500
Aptamil Pronutra+ First Infant Milk – 0 -6 Months – 800g 7,500
Aptamil Pronutra+ Follow On Milk 7,500


Kendamil First Infant Milk (0-6 Months) Stage 1 – 900g 8,000
Kendamil Follow On Milk (6-12 Months) 900g 8,000
Kendamil Toddler Milk Stage 3 8,500

Current Baby Items In Nigeria And Best Places To Buy Them

S/N Item Where To Buy
1 Toilet Tissue Paper Jumia
3 Soap (Medicated and Tiolet Soap) Jumia
4 Disinfectants Jumia
5 Dusting Powder and body powder Jumia
6 Towel (Face towel) Jumia
7 Detergents  Jumia
8 Diapers  Jumia

Baby clothes (Unisex) Unless gender is known


Baby Formula (Starter)

11 Enfamil Infant Baby Formula Jumia
12 Earth’s Best Organic, Infant Formula with Iron Jumia
13 Similac Advance Early Shield, Formula, Powder Jumia
14 Gerber Good Start Soothe Powder Infant Formula  Jumia
15 Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Infant and Toddler Formula Jumia
16 Lactogen 1 Starter Formula With Gentle Start 400g  Jumia
17 Nestle Nan Infant Formula Stage 1 400g Konga
18 Nursing pillow  Jumia
19 Nursing bra(s) Jumia
20 Sterilizing equipment Konga
21 Feeding bottles and teats, brush for washing bottles Jumia
22 Hot water flask Jumia
23 Bibs Jumia


25 Baby bathing Set Jumia
26 Soft but thick towels Jumia
27 Washcloth by Gerber Jumia
28 Baby soap, lotion, oil and Powder like Jumia
29 Baby soft brush for hair Jumia
30 Petroleum Jelly Jumia
31 Olive oil serves to act as a moisturizer for babies Jumia
32 Baby nail scissors or clippers Jumia
33 Cotton wool balls and rubbing alcohol Jumia
34 Wardrobe Closet for storage Konga


36 Baby Cot or Crib Jumia
37 Mattress Jumia
38 Baby sleeping and bag blankets Jumia
39 Mosquito net Jumia


40 A size-able box or a bag to pack baby items  Jumia
41 Day clothes Jumia
42 Mittens Jumia
43 Cotton pants to fit Jumia
44 Cotton sweater Jumia
45 Clothing for newborns especially indoors and outdoor wears Konga
46 Sets of sleepsuits Jumia
47 Cotton Shirts Jumia
48 Leggings or pull-on pants Jumia
49 Cotton pants to fit Jumia
50 Cotton sweater Jumia
51 Sock and shoes  
52 Hats  


53 Soap, Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and deodorant, body cream  
54 Sanitary pads  
55 Disposable Pants (or Pampas)   

Health – Newborn List

56 First-aid Kit Jumia
57 Digital thermometer Jumia
58 Baby nail scissors  Jumia
59 Humidifier  Jumia

Baby Safety

60 Safety gates Jumia
61 Baby monitor Jumia

Baby Entertainment

62 Baby swing and bouncers Jumia
63 Crawling mat Jumia
64 Baby gym precious planet Jumia
65 Pacifiers and toys Jumia


66 Baby Car seats Jumia
67 Baby carrier Jumia
68 Baby strollers Jumia


69 Diaper cream or petroleum jelly Jumia
70 Bucket with a secure lid for soaking before washing Jumia
71 Diaper changing bag Jumia
72 Diaper cream or petroleum jelly Jumia
73 Baby wipes Jumia
74 Changing mat Jumia
75 Hand Sanitizer  Jumia
76 Changing table Jumia
77 Nappies Jumia

Best Places To Buy Baby Things Online In Nigeria + Monthly Organic Traffic

S/N Website Name Monthly Organic Traffic




3 Newbee <1,000
4 Babies 21 <1,000
5 Simplyinfants <1,000
6 Jiji 4.8 Million
7 Babyliss 1,500
8 Dafun-shop <1,000
9 Mommbaby 7,400
10 Monmartt 3,200
11 Shopville <500
12 EarlyYears <500

Aptamil price on jumia

Here are the current prices of Aptamil prices on the Jumia food website:

S/N Product Prices
1 Aptamil Growing Up Milk Stage 4  ₦6,800.00
2 Aptamil First Infant Milk 1 800G  ₦6,500.00
3 Aptamil 1 Pronutra First Infant Milk 900G ₦6,800.00
4 Aptamil 3 Growing Up Milk 1-2 Years 800G  ₦6,500.00
5 Aptamil 2 Follow On Milk 6-12 Months 800G  ₦6,500.00
Aptamil 1 First Infant Milk From Birth 700G 

Do you still find it difficult to know the list of things to buy for your coming, baby? I have compiled this list for you in a PDF format, so you can download them and then read it at your own convenience to make life easier for you.

Checklist of essential baby things to buy for expecting mothers

Download The List Of Baby Things To Buy In PDF



As an expecting mom, it is very important that you prepare very well for the coming baby. Even if at all you will buy any other things when the baby is finally born, you should at least have what the baby will need for the next 2-3 weeks after birth.

We hope that you have found this article helpful as you zoom to purchase for your gem the best baby products from the best brands in Nigeria. Thank you for reading.

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