When Can I Start Giving My Baby Pap?

when should i feed my baby with pap

Not all time is right to start any food with your little infants. Pap is one of the best food you can give to your baby but, if you give it to them at the wrong time, you might not see the effect on their growth.

A lot of parents want to know when they should introduce solid food like pap to their babies and when it is time, how do you go about doing it? This is an excellent question and that is what we are going to answer in this article. It’s going to be very short and precise. Just take your time to go through each of the questions and see answers to them as it pertains to you.

When should I start feeding my baby with pap?

when should i feed my baby with pap

A lot of babies are ready for solid food beginning from 4-6 months of their life., but the America academy of Pediatricians recommends exclusive breastfeeding for babies until 6 months of life.

Sometimes, most babies are usually ready to start taking solid food before this time, but any question on if or if you shouldn’t proceed to feed them can be asked from your paediatrician.

But as for my children, I started feeding them with pap while they were at the age of 3 months and they lived very healthily afterwards.

What are the benefits of feeding my baby with pap?

The truth is that I might sound very personal in answering this question, but I would use my little baby as well as testimonies from other parents who I have asked this same question and said the same thing as an answer to this question.

Feeding my 3 months baby with pap earlier in the morning as early as 7 am give him all the energy he needs to stay without requesting for any other food, not even breast-milk until the next 4 hour. Immediately my baby finished eating his pap, he sleeps off until I just decides to wake him up myself to eat another food.

Generally speaking, these are the health benefits of pap as confirmed by pediatricians
1. Regulates Blood Pressure
2. Lowers LDL Cholesterol
3. Boosts the kidney’s health
4. Easy digestion
5. Great source of calories
6. Aids lactation

What are the side effects of feeding babies with pap?

One very big side effect to feeding babies with pap is that most time it makes babies urinate more often than normal. Whenever I feed my school baby with a pap while going to school, the fact that he has not yet mastered his potty training makes him come back home with his diaper changed every day.

Also, Anytime I feed him with pap at night, it is a sure fact that the diaper will be socked with urine the following morning.

Even though babies are prone to urinating, but without any doubt, pap is a catalyst to aiding the rate at which they urinate and it increases the frequency of their urination.

which is best between pap and custard for babies?

The truth is that, different babies with different things they like. For some, pap, while some prefer to eat custard, however, pap is much cheaper, nutritious and healthier for baby’s consumption than custard.

is ginger in pap good for babies?

Ginger in pap is very much safe for babies, however, there should be a limit to the amount which they will be consuming. Also, be aware that ginger has a taste of pepper in it, so once it is too much in the baby’s food, the baby might not eat the food.
Not that the food is not good, but because the ginger content in it has made it peppery.

is millet pap good for babies?

Millet is a food that is rich both in soluble and insoluble fibre, which means that feeding the baby with millet pap is a very good way to increase the rate at which they digest things easily.

On the other hand, it keeps them full and allows them to stay without getting hungry better than usual.

does pap make babies fat?

Yes, feeding the baby with pap helps them gain weight faster. It is a very good weight gain food for a parent who wants to increase the weight of their babies in Nigerian

You can go through my article where I spoke on the list of baby foods to gain weight in Nigerian.

Can I mix egg with my baby pap?

Mixing egg with pap is one of the best ways to make it more nutritious and eatable for babies. All you need to ensure is that the egg is properly mixed with the pap without having any lump after the preparation so that the baby will not have any problem eating it.

can I add sugar to my baby pap?

It is important to add a sweetener to your baby’s pap. I don’t support people who tell you not to add anything to the baby’s food to make it sweet claiming that it is not good for their health.

The fact is that babies also have their taste buds and they won’t take anything that isn’t good in the mouth.
So you can add sugar to baby pap, it leaves them begging for more. Just ensure that you apply moderation to the quantity you will add as too much sugar is not be good for their milk teeth/emerging teeth.

can I add Honey to my baby pap?

Just like I said earlier, to make your baby pap sweet, you need to add sugar or anything else, as for me, I use pap because that is what my infants prefer. All you just need to ensure is to apply moderation to the measure.

what can I use to sweeten baby food?

Exactly what I have listed above, In addition to them are;
1. Sugar
2. Honey
3. Soya Beans
4. Date
5. Blended dry crayfish (babies above 8 months)
6. Blended fish
7. Milk, etc.

Can I add Palm Oil To my baby’s Pap?

Yes! You can add palm oil to your baby pap. This reduces the starch content of the pap. But ensure that when you are adding pap while preparing the food, mix or stir the paste very well with the pap until both contents become homogeneous

Can I add Milo to my baby’s pap?

No! Please do not add Milo to your baby’s pap. Milo is meant for grown-up children who are already eating some other varieties of food. Even though your babies might enjoy it while you are giving them, but is not advisable because it will make them start rejecting other food when they are meant to stop taking pap.

Can I mix SMA gold with pap?

Yes! You can mix both pap and milk formula like SMA gold to your babies food. I feed my baby with pap and Nutriborn right from when he was just 3 months plus. So, you can add a milk formula like SMA gold to their food to keep them filled for a longer time.


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