Where To Buy Cheap Baby Things in Lagos

Places To Buy Baby Things In Lagos

Lagos is a very big city with lots of places where baby things are sold. But getting good, quality and affordable baby clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories can be somehow tasking when you don’t know the right places to go in search of them.

Looking for the right places to get the best baby things in Lagos? Either for a newborn, babies who are already of age, or infants, then you are on the right page. Dosumu, Aswani, Oshodi, Idumota, Alaba, Tradefair, Ikotun, Gatankowa, Super, Yaba, Bali, Balogun, Alade, Tejuosho Ultra Modern Market etc. are the major places where you can get any kind of baby product you want in Lagos

In this article, I have carefully compiled a list of best plugs in Lagos where you can buy your baby things both in bulk as well as at retailed prices, their location and how to get there.

The location for the purchase of the baby products in Lagos is greatly determined by the quality, the quantity, as well as the purpose for which you want to buy it.

Let’s talk about Lagos markets where you can buy baby things without having to break banks. Here, clothes, shoes, bags, groceries foodstuffs and baby accessories can be purchased in bulk and in retail on a very low budget.

Places To Buy Baby Things In Lagos

Markets in Lagos To Buy Cheap Baby Things

Idumota Market

Location & Direction: Bankole St, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria.

Idumota Market is one of the oldest markets in the city of Lagos. The ancient market located in Logos Island is a suburb local government in Lagos. Without a doubt, one of the Largest markets in West Africa.

The market was initially a location for armed forces remembrance cenotaph, called “Soja Idumota” A monument built to remember soldiers who served with the West African frontier force. It is also the house of the popular Eyo masquerade, as well as the clocktower, two very well known monuments in Lagos.

The market is very well known for having a very good large sale recorded as early as 7 am and is made up of storey buildings, some as high as 5 while some are even more.

The market is well known for its large sales of different variations of expansive wholesale and retails. The major parts of the markets include; Broad Street, Holloway, Idumagbo, Dosumu, Balogun, Apongbon, Tinubu Square etc.

For any of your baby things, this is a great plug for your explore.

Aswani Market

Location & Direction: Osolo Way, Isolo, Lagos Nigeria.

This is a market known majorly for selling second handed cloth. Perhaps, the most affordable market that in Lagos State. Famous for its unbeatable prices, Aswani Market is a place for retail or individual shopping.

There is a myriad of stalls offering clothing materials, chiffon tops makeup, dresses, and bags, you’re guaranteed to have a fun day shopping at the market. Be sure to make a good list of your budget, because you might be carried away with all the nice looking things there and that might make you go beyond your budget.

Arena Market

Location & Direction: Block 18 – 20, Arena Army Shopping Complex, Military Cantonment, Bolade Bus Stop, Agege Motor Rd. Located at Bolade, Oshodi area of Lagos

For anything baby clothes, shoes, bags and any other accessories, Arena market is a  great option for you. Things there are sold in bulk as well as in retail. To get the best part of the Arena market, it is best you go very early in the morning when the best good has not been selected.

Ikotun Market

Location & Direction: An epicentre connecting major towns like Isheri, Egbeda, Igando and Ejigbo.

It is an open-air market, perhaps not the biggest in terms of size, but the Alimosho local government based market is popularly known for its unique priced based selling style, having close to 8,400 lockup shops and over 10,000 traders.

The Ikotun market is headed by “Baba Oja” or Iya Oja” with many market unions just like the tradition of most markets in Nigeria.

For anything related to your baby’s soap, toiletries, Ikotun market is the best plug for you.

Gatankowa (Super) Market

Location & Direction: Abule Egba, Along Oshodi, Lagos Abeokuta Express Way, Lagos, Nigeria

An open market, usually chaotic without a clear line with a zig-zag arrangement of the merchandise into sections and rows. There are shops, as well as ones that display their goods on the streets or under canopies, and various shades.

Katangowa market is renowned for the sale of used clothing as well as household items like fabrics, television sets, refrigerators air conditioners, microwaves, irons, sofas as well as office equipment, and other scraps for sale at bargain prices both in bulk and in retail.

There is a massive international appeal to the market coupled with the fact that it is close to the epicentre of Lagos, especially those in the Western portion of Africa. The issue of sanitation, as you might expect, is a significant issue here and a large market as this needs a little bit of investment to make it more attractive to those who are interested in it.

The market recently has been favoured with a pedestrian bridge alongside a BRT lane which makes it even easier for people coming from the Oshodi axes to navigate there with ease

The market opens at 5 am and closes by 6 pm from Monday to Saturday. But if you must buy anything, ensure to go during the working days as the Saturday market is always scanty.

Balogun Market:

Location & Direction: Shop 58 west local government, 59 Balogun W St, Lagos Island

We really cannot go without talking about the Balogun market. A market located on Lagos Island. It has no specific address since it cut across so many streets of the Island.

According to Wikipedia, Balogun market is the best place in Lagos where you can get anything that has to do with Fabric and shoes, both for babies a well as for adults.

The market took its name from the name of a Chinese company located in China. (Telegraph) Aswani is a Chinese word that literally means “anything cheap“. This is why there are many Lagos residents, particularly those living in Oshodi, Okota, Mushin and Isolo visiting the Aswani market to purchase clothes at an extremely cheap price.

Yaba Market:

Location & Direction: Tejuosho Rd, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria.

Yaba market is the one that pops into most people’s thoughts when they consider buying second-hand clothing. But that doesn’t mean you cannot purchase new clothing or materials at Yaba. Yaba market is a great place to buy great clothes for a reasonable price.

Summarily, Here Are The Top Lagos Markets To Get The Best Baby Things

S/N Name Of Market Location & Address

Idumota Market

Bankole St, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria.

Aswani Market

Osolo Way, Isolo, Lagos Nigeria.

Arena Market

Block 18 – 20, Arena Army Shopping Complex, Military Cantonment, Bolade Bus Stop, Agege Motor Rd. Located at Bolade, Oshodi area of Lagos

Ikotun Market

An epicentre connecting major towns like Isheri, Egbeda, Igando and Ejigbo.

Gatankowa (Super) Market

Abule Egba, Along Oshodi, Lagos Abeokuta Express Way, Lagos, Nigeria

Balogun Market

Shop 58 west local government, 59 Balogun W St, Lagos Island

Yaba Market

Tejuosho Rd, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria.


There are certainly many other markets in Lagos where baby things are sold both for cheap prices as well as expensive prices. But we might not cover each and every one of them in just this one article. 

However, we believe that there is nothing you want to buy for your baby that you will not find in any of the places we have mentioned in this article. Good luck as you make your purchase, we hope this article helps. If yes, please drop a comment and share for others.

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